BLUE - my Pitbull/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix 

December 1992 - February 25 2008
R.I.P. I will miss you so much. 

Chillin' out on a Sunday Afternoon at G2

blue_lounging.bmp (253494 bytes) blue_lounging2.bmp (253494 bytes)
More chillin' at G1...

Nena and Blue gettin' friendly
Blue's friends worldwide

blue_sniffing.jpg (50165 bytes).
On guard at MechaSplifford

Listening for intruders

Blue's favorite things -

Ripping up foam

Getting under
 the covers

Ripping up paper

Belly Rubs

Rubber Balls

Eating Garbage

Licking the grey brick

friend2.jpg (17729 bytes)

Old Hot Dogs

Chasing the Cat

Nudging the brick with his nose

Rope Chew Toys

Chicken Backs

Licking his now empty sack

Cat food cans

Son of Rocky and Sadie and Official Mascot of


Blue says, "Woof! Send me Email "