5/03/00 - Well, it's been pretty slow in the Urban Achaeology area. I scored some nice sheets of wood
around the corner, and I'm using a 274 megabyte HDD in the Linux box that I found on the street
when I was driving with Dr. Israel. I salvaged 3 security domes from the garbage at my job, Tower Records,
and have one running on my webcam, with a power supply taken from a x386 I found on North 7th Street.

captsure02.bmp (253494 bytes) capture09.bmp (253494 bytes)

3/18/00 - I admit, it's been a while since I found anything cool. Almost a month. I scored a wire table
with a glass top, then broke the top. Doh! I got a cool studio divider and some drum hardware from Dr. Israel,
but that doesn't count because I didn't find the stuff. Hmmm. A few porno mags, some trinkets...most bullshit.
Then, when I was headed for work, Wednesday, I saw this -

wheelf.bmp (253494 bytes) wheelb.bmp (253494 bytes)

A fuckin' wheelchair! How cool is that! The second I saw it, I took it back to the headquarters.
I looked back to make sure I wasn't jackin' some crippled dude.
Anyway it makes a great computer chair. I am L33ty

frog.gif (51759 bytes)

It's been a while since I found anything cool - check out the froggie watergun and assorted jewelry
I found in the Moshe Bakery garbage this morning. I also found two banners from Belgium and a hat box.

Squonkamatic scored the Catch of the Day on the 14th of January  - he found an Apple monitor 
and mouse, a plaster pedestal, a nice white frame with leaf motif and a old Bass case (not pictured)

 capture01.gif (73539 bytes) capture03.gif (73136 bytes)

rings.jpg (18186 bytes)

Look at these wierd metal klingon rings I just found!

I found an Autoharp on the last day of the Century

autoharp_aftr.jpg (19075 bytes) autohrp_setup.jpg (7426 bytes)

I took the bars off, cleaned the body, tuned it up
 and recorded a couple of trips

matt_autoharp.jpg (17362 bytes)

Damn I can't keep up with all the things I find!
2000 is gonna be a great year for finding cool stuff
because stupid people are even stupider than they were last year

In the box with tuning hammer and cheesey strap. DAMN!!

capture01.jpg (7360 bytes)

Today is 12/22/99 and I found 4 cool things -

3 nice fresh Terrycloth towels and a plastic Queen tiarafrom Kent Avenue, 
a book on Multination Finance (brand new) from North 7th Street and another cool bottle
 from the gravel factory around the corner

I'm gonna reverse the chart below so new things go at the bottom. 
And add new icons to replace the pot leaves.

Maybe I'm gonna chuck the chart altogether. I don't know.

**Late Update - I was checking out the book I found and it was really interesting.
I went back out to where I found it and brought the whole stack it was in home.
A few more financial pamphlets and Polish fashion magazines!  Cool! **

catch1222.gif (49921 bytes)

Today is 12/21/99 and I found 4 cool things -

The glass jars on the left and the green perfume bottles are from
 the gravel factory around the corner. They make aquarium gravel from these things. 
They just got all these huge boxes this afternoon and they were just sitting in the lot.
 I thought they looked cool and liberated a few from the confines of the boxes they were stored in. 
I also found a really heavy fire hydrant cap, made of iron. This item made a crazy loud noise when
 I smashed it on the dumpster outside to get the homeless couples' hands outta' my garbage bin.
Jeez, I pay for that.
The last thing I found was a little circuit board with a capacitor and
some resistors sitting on the dumpster on North 6th Street. WTF is it?

** Oh yeah I found a warez'ed version of Photoshop 5.5 for
Power PC in the trashcan on North 7th Street.!! I swear!

I gave it to Squonkamatic to test - If it works it'll get 5 dots! (3/00 Still dont know if it works :))

Date Description Location found Comments
12.13.99 Iron Dumbell, Weight lifting food additives, Indian Spices North 6th Street Just one - 10 Lbs - time to work out
12.14.99 afternoon Black 60's chair North 7th Street Matches the blue and pink ones I found - $220 in Canada - I swear
12.14.99 night Aluminum Ladder North 7th Street near Kent Avenue Not as tall as the one I borrow from next door, but it's mine! Nice score
12.15.99 Lampshades (2) North 7th Street near Berry Avenue I actually thought I needed a lampshade, but I didn't . Never know when I might need 'em, though. One's a funky red with pleats
12.16.99 Hewlett Packard 7729 Printer North 7th Street near Kent Avenue Cool but unfortunately for Mac and no floppies - Squonk will check it out later
12.22.99 Small circuit thingy, Photoshop 5.5 Bootleg North 7th Street WTF is it?
  Glass jars, Iron Hydrant cover North 6th Street Nice - I like them
12.23.99 Towels, Tiara, book, glass bottle Kent Avenue  
Apple IIc computer and monitor, metal cabinet (with nickel bag inside) North 7th Street Yes it works - used to belong to a Yale professor named Iraqi with real bad spelling
Books - War and Peace, The Zoo Story, John Updike set, etc. North 7th Street and Berry People are fuckin' dumb
12.30.99 Autoharp North 6th and Kent People are really fuckin' dumb
1.9.2000 Metal Rings, Coiled Bracelet, misc Hardware
Kitchen Cabinet

So far, off the top of my head, I've found about 15 chairs, a giant operating table,
 a wheelchair, a brand new Gazeebo (guess where the name of our network came from), 
uh...the tables we work on in the Lab, a washing machine, a giant pipe clothing rack, 5 giant slabs of acoustic foam
 (make me an offer), computers and parts galore, and more stuff that I can't remember right now. Oh yeah - I just found
 a whole package of Bodybuilding Powders and the day before that, I found a whole collection of Indian spices! 
It's amazing what people throw out. A lot of the time people move out and leave all their stuff
for the landlord to throw out, or they chuck it all themselves.

The most disturbing sign of human waste is when people throw out 
books, videos and records.  I've found so many records and 8 tracks in the garbage, it's not funny.
I've carried records under my arm in the rain from across Brooklyn just to get them back home.


I'm gonna run the chart until I get the motivation to transfer all of it to the boxes below. 
Soon. Until then, here's some of the first few things I found when I moved to Brooklyn -

thing1.jpg (96903 bytes)
Busted vending machine recovered from
North 6th Street and Wythe Avenue
Lamppost base recovered from the
corner of North 6th Street and Wythe Ave

tubessm.jpg (38648 bytes)
Various metal pipes found around
Kent Avenue and Wythe Avenue

oem logo.bmp (384056 bytes)

Jesus statue and Angel casting found on
North 7th Street and Wythe Avenue -
photoshop image of Blue and Sheets by
Klaus X. Member

I also found this shopping cart when I lived in N.Y.C. It fell apart

Video grabs by Squonkamatic for the People! Live on the scene - man it was hot as fuck that day
Snapple Lemonade, Arizona Iced Tea, Lipton Strawberry Zinger

Recovering mountains of Beverages from a closed Beverage warehouse
 on North 6th Street and Berry. I drank Rasberry Iced Tea for a month. So did the band.
The lamp in the Catch of the Day window, the cool shell/ashtray, the woodgrained table
underneath and the cart pictured below were all found in my neighborhood in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.