Disassociate U.S. Tour 1996

This is Bones on a grassy knoll overlooking
the first RV breakdown in Burlington, Colorado


3 Chicago, Illiinois with Gutterhead and God Awful
Kenosha, Wisconsin with Urbn DK and Bitchslap
5 Stayed in Kenosha with Rick from 10-96
Minneapolis, Minneapolis at the Bomb Shelter with Misery
7 Drive Day
Lawrence, Kansas with Derailer
9 We broke down in Burlington, Co.
10 Hangin' in Burlington processing DAT
location recordings into loops
Denver, Colorado at the Art Gallery with
Infamy and Coffin Text
12 Salt Lake City, Utah with Neurosis and Bloodlet
13 Salt Lake City, Utah with Wicked Innocence
14 Broken down in Mill City, Nevada
15 Kyle saves us from hell as we roll into...
16 San Francisco, California at the Epicenter with
Cluster Bomb Unit and Three Studies for a Crucifixion
17 Los Angeles, California with Cluster Bomb Unit,
Noothgrush and Gasp
18 Pomona, California at the Bile Zone with
Man is the Bastard and Dystopia -

The mighty Man IS The Bastard at their rehearsal spot, The Bile Zone.
They played 5 songs and the gig got busted.
Disassociate and Dystopia hung in the parking lot.

19 Rick Roy's crib (Soundman to the stars)
20 Albuquerque, New Mexico at the Dingo Bar with Logical Nonsense
and Abaddon (and Randy Castillo)
21 El Paso, Texas sucked. We cut out and went to a  bar (The Red Parrot)
22 Hung out in Van Horne, Texas, processing and looping more sounds.
To celebrate his birthday, Bones broke the motel TV
23 Corpus Christi, Texas with two punky bands and a circle pit
24 Houston, Texas - We went to see Dead Horse
Biloxi, Mississippi at the Little House with Three Studies for a Crucifixion,
The Halflings, The Grumpies and Harriet the Spy
Birmingham, Alabama at The American Beat Record Store with Mephotis
27 Hangin' in Foley, Alabama with Patrick. Sampling session #3 (Piano loops)
Tampa Fla at The Brass Mug with Cavity, Failureface and Cease
29 Still in Tampa spinning records with Kelly Kombat at 87x Radio Free Tampa
30 Georgia at the Motorcycle shop with Damad -

Georgia Punx and R Boy

31 Raleigh, North Carolina at The Caboose with Unsettled
(Special guest - El Duce)