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Welcome to the Final Conflict home page!

If all goes as planned, this will be the best way for you net freaks to keep up with what we're doing.
Although as a band we are very wary of technology, we feel this will be a good way of spreading information
and stopping any false rumours that run so rampant.

The new album................At present we are currently writing songs for our new album and deciding what label it will be on. As it stands we will not be doing another record on Tacklebox. And to you rumour mongers, we hate to disappoint you but
(so just find some other band to tell lies about O.K.?) Rest assured we will be sticking with a independent punk label no matter what we do. So far the music is turning out to be the most intense and aggressive stuff we have done so be prepared. Some song titles are “Jihad” , “Rulebook”, “In Harms Way”, “Anomaly”, and “Heaven is Closed”. We have a lot of crazy ideas that we plan to execute on the new record but don’t worry about us getting soft, this new record will peel the skin off your ears and will probably earn you a ticket to hell for buying it (ha, ha). Since we are working on the new record live shows will be on hold until Februrary,   then we plan to go out of town with our comrades PHOBIA and 46 SHORT so keep your eyes peeled.

Nearly two years after being filmed, Penelope Speeris' documentary “The Decline Of Western Civilization Part 3” is finally out and being shown across the United States. We went to the opening weekend at the Nuart in L.A. and watched ourselves on the big screen. It was a very surreal experiance to say the least. Also in the movie is our kid brothers LITMUS GREEN, a stunning show by THE RESISTANCE, and a brilliant apprearance by NAKED AGGRESSION (r.i.p. Phil). What about the film? Well, even if we were not in this documentary we would still recommend it. Not only is the film entertaining, but offers social commentary about the problems facing homeless kids on the streets of  Los Angeles (although maybe a person from mainstream society might get the idea that all punks are homeless and alcoholics). This film is important and we are honored to be a part of it. If the film makes any money it will be donated to charities that help homeless kids, so do your best to see it if you can. Also we must stress that this film was made and distributed independenly without the help of any Hollywood studio so D.I.Y. points for Penelope. We will post all sceening dates on this site to keep you informed when and if the movie comes to your town.


The Final Conflict East Coast and European tour in August - September 1998 was an adventure to say the least (we plan to tell the tale on the site soon).  We will be returning to Europe in mid - June 1999 for three weeks. No plans have been set for a U.S. tour as of yet.

UPDATE Feb. 24th 1999
JAMES LEAVES..................................
To bring truth to the phrase "all good things must come to and end" bassist James has decided to leave the band. He has expressed that he wants to spend more time on personal matters and being in a band gets in the way of that. It is sad to see him go and we will miss him. James replacment is Shane Mclachlan (yes, the vocalist of PHOBIA). Don't worry, PHOBIA are not breaking up, Shane will be doing both bands. So far rehearsals are going great and we couldn't be happier. Shane is a perfect addition to our dysfuntional family.

Despite the minor setback the record is coming along nicely and we are pretty pleased with how intense and fast the new songs are. We plan to have Jim Monroe (who did "Rebirth") produce the next record and if all goes as planned it will be the most chaotic and noisy Final Conflict record yet. Anyone expecting us to mellow out or go "emo" is sadly mistaken, this one will be punk as fukk. Still we have yet to decide what label is gonna put out our next record and we should have that sorted out in a few weeks.

We are going on a weekend tour with those Phillidelpia vampires INK AND DAGGER in March. Come and join us on the "Weekend in Punk Rock Psychosis Tour" on the following dates;
March 12th San Diego/SOMA
March 13th San Francisco/Cocadrie (w/ BANE and COUNTERVAIL)
March 14th Anaheim/ Chain Reaction (w/ DEAD AMERICA, LE SHOK and THE
all shows all ages




Originally starting as a moniker that Ron M. used to produce shows under, Crawlspace is now a record label.

With a few dollars scraped together by Andy (46 Short) and Ron M. they decided to start a D.I.Y. based label
to put out music by bands that they are enthused about. The label principle is simple, put out music that kills
by bands who are doing it for the right reasons. Not for money, but for the love of music. Music worth killing for.

Releases to Date:

This was a LIMITED EDITION record and is OUT OF PRINT
Only 500 were pressed, clear yellow vinyl, silk screened covers and lyric sheets. Hand numbered.

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Brutal is too tame a word to describe this band. On their third and best full length Enewetak
prove to be one of the most original and spine shattering bands from Southern California.
Total mayhem inducing hardcore that has all the crusty, punk, and straight edge kids
going crazy at their shows. Imagine Rorschach fighting Cavity and you get Enewetak.
A limited vinyl pressing will be available soon. Check out their site at:

This CD is available here for $8 postpaid  and is OUT NOW!! Email Crawlspace for ordering info.

KILL 02-DYSTOPIA "The Aftermath......" CD
dystopia_cover.jpg (60649 bytes)
A split release with Life is Abuse. This disc compiles their splits w/Suffering Luna, Skaven, Wellington
and the 'Backstabber' 7" all remastered plus 3 NEW SONGS. All the original cover art is duplicated in full color
as well as a 12 page lyric book. Powerful misanthropic paincore from one of the most talented
and underappreciated bands in the scene today.

This CD is also available here for $8 postpaid  and is OUT NOW!! Email Crawlspace for ordering info.

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