Wed. 6/20/00 Signed the Lease for 330 Melrose Street

Fri 6/23/00

Secondary observations, elevator ride, preliminary bathroom cleaning, A.C. current confirmed
Home Depot trip # 1 - Lucid, Mali - Broom, tester, gate key
Sat 6/24/00 Home Depot trip #2 - Lucid, Splifford  - Outlets, Circuit tester , misc
Rigged Lights and Swept place up Cleared out little tech office
Home Depot trip #3 - Lucid, Splifford - vacuum, floor shit, boxes, wire
Sun 6/25/00 Sanded, cleaned, scrub, swept living area. Painted Living room Floor, Baited bathroom, Steel wool, foam and fill holes, map out bathroom and room layout
Home Depot trip #4 - Lucid, Mali, Aex - Paint, rolers, more electric stuff
Mon 6/26 Painted ceiling, cleaned, 60% destruction of bathroom structure, analysis
Home Depot trip #5 - Lucid, Mali, Aex - Kitchen sink, faucet, track lights, conduit
Tues 6/27 Home Depot trip #5 - Lucid - paint, sander
Destruction of old bathroom enclosure by everyone
Wed 6/28 Framed 3/4 of main bathroom
Home Depot trip #6 - Lucid, Splifford - Metal studs, screws, conduit, misc electric
Home  Depot trip #7 - Lucid - Bathroom sink, fixtures
Plumber - no show  Garbage - no show
7/1 - 11/05 Splifford goes on tour, Steve moves out, Mali moves out, Splifford gets morning schedule, Disassociate rehearsals begin..We basically do constructoring of walls and acquire more tools. Second power grid line hung and run
Sun 11/06 So far...

Lucid's room 80% done, AEX room 80% done Duncan's room 30% done Bathroom 1 concrete floor sheets laid and sealed Gas reaktor online and functioning Gas stove functioning Windows repaired 80% done Studio area cleared and ready for 1st wall layer GPS satellite video installed DSL Gazeebo net online 416 kps 

12/00 Splifford tiles bathroom, Reason installed, Bathroom terminal, Kitchen Terminal
Mar 2001 Uhh... Monkeys!