paul_building_graham.jpg (67051 bytes) paul_building.jpg (53033 bytes)
The Paul Building on Graham Avenue

bldg_p_martino_havemeyer_s5.jpg (60920 bytes) bldg_p_martino_store.jpg (71411 bytes) bldg_p_martino_top.jpg (39635 bytes)
P Martino Building on Havemeyer and South 5th Street

schnibbe_grand.jpg (61063 bytes) schnibbe_sign.jpg (80893 bytes)
Schnibbe Building on Grand Street

garver_close.jpg (64129 bytes) garver_building.jpg (48648 bytes)
Garver Building on Graham Avenue

parks_dept_scary.jpg (66979 bytes)
Park's Department scary house on Linden Blvd.

bway_myrtle2.jpg (60049 bytes) bway_myrtle3.jpg (83698 bytes)
Myrtle Avenue and Broadway corners

bushwick_melrose_corner.jpg (50802 bytes)

Bushwick Avenue

kent_grand_house.jpg (79320 bytes)
Kent Avenue and Grand Avenue

door_grand_st.jpg (72588 bytes)
A Doorway on Grand Street

myrtle_store_luis.jpg (62289 bytes) myrtle_store.jpg (57114 bytes)
Flatbush Avenue storefront. Really old and
still intact. A church meets inside.

met_mel_whole.jpg (65406 bytes)
Once a store, now a church, right by my
house on Knickerbocker Avenue and
Melrose Street

mustard_co_wythe.jpg (50223 bytes)
Old Dutch Mustard Factory on Wythe Avenue

The Wierd House on Downing and Quincy Street
Who lives there? Who built it?

wierd_house2.jpg (57804 bytes) wierd_house.jpg (60542 bytes)
wierd_house5.jpg (67779 bytes)


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