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Old Brooklyn stores

Bushwick was known for its breweries, and a lot of Germans lived here.There were
eleven breweries operating between 1850 to 1880. The 1840s brought a lot of
immigrants, who brought with them their proficiency for brewing. For nearly thirty years
there were eleven breweries operating within a fourteen block radius. By the 1880's an
elevated railroad line to Manhattan was built and the area started to grow, but the need
for automation in combination with the decline of the area, caused the last of these
breweries to close its doors in 1976, ending the era of Brooklyn beer.

brewery_ice_hittleman_corne.jpg (55349 bytes) brewery_ice_hittleman_side.jpg (67983 bytes) brewery_ice_hittleman_sign.jpg (98388 bytes) 
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brewery_ice_side.jpg (60409 bytes) brewery_ice_plant_sign.jpg (36940 bytes)
Hittleman Brewery
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brewery_locust_stars.jpg (68647 bytes) brewery_locust_continental_.jpg (69285 bytes) brewery_locust_beaver.jpg (45078 bytes)
Vicelius & Ulm??
Continental la Cerbier Breaker
Erected AD 187?

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petland_sign_myrtle_albamare_rd.jpg (56791 bytes) sign_mahattan_grand.jpg (31020 bytes)
Once Hyman Spitz Florist, now Petland on Rockaway Ave and Pitkin Avenue Myrtle Avenue and Aldemare Rd. Another Petland on Flatbush Avenue Grand Avenue

met_mel_door_far.jpg (71460 bytes) met_mel_door_close.jpg (56343 bytes)
Knickerbocker Avenue

hood_fulton2.jpg (67793 bytes)
Fulton Street

licquor_pacific_kingston.jpg (66346 bytes)

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haairdressing-sign2.jpg (71342 bytes)
Flatbush Avenue

chasmaultasch_front.jpg (51271 bytes) chasmaultasch_sign.jpg (53877 bytes)
Grand Avenue

renkin_dairy_myrtle.jpg (59151 bytes)
renkin_dairy_factory_myrtle.jpg (38610 bytes)
Renkin Dairy on Flatbush Avenue

evans_dairy2.jpg (71104 bytes) evans_dairy.jpg (78246 bytes)
Evans Dairy



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