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The Flatbush Dutch Reformed Church (890 Flatbush Ave) was ordered built by
Dutch Governor Peter Stuyvesant in 1662 and was completed in 1793
Parsonage: 1853
Church house: 1923-1924

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St. John's Dutch Church on New Jersey Avenue

Some of the oldest Churches in Brooklyn are
St. Bartholomew's Church (Episcopal) (1886-1890): 1227 Pacific Street
St. George's Episcopal Church (1887-1889): 800 Marcy Avenue
St. Luke's Episcopal Church (1888-1891): 520 Clinton Avenue (now Church of St. Luke and
St. Matthew)

St. Mary's Episcopal Church (1858-1859): 230 Classon Avenue
Reformed Church of South Bushwick (1853): 855-867 Bushwick Avenue
(Chapel & Sunday School: 1881; Church enlargement: 1883)
Russian Orthodox Cathedral of the Transfiguration of Our Lord (1916-1921): 228 North
12th Street
South Congregational Church Complex (Chapel: 1851; Church: 1857; Ladies Parlor: 1889;
Rectory: 1893): 
358-366 Court Street and
253-269 President Street
New England Congregational Church (1852-1853): 179 South Ninth Street (now Light
of the World Church)
New Lots Reformed Dutch Church (1823-1824): 630 New Lots Avenue (now New Lots
Community Church)
New Utrecht Reformed Church (1828): 18th Avenue at 83rd Street
Emmanuel Baptist Church (Chapel: 1882-1883; Church: 1886-1887): 279 Lafayette Avenue
First Free Congregational Church (1846-1847): 311 Bridge Street (later Bridge Street A.W.M.E. 
Church; now Polytechnic Institute)

Holy Cross Church Founded 1848 and the oldest remaining church in Brooklyn founded
solely by African Americans - 2530 Church Ave near Rogers & Bedford

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St John's on South 5th Street

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Masonic Temples on Myrtle Avenue

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Near Broadway

Myrtle Avenue

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Composite photo of Russian Church on
Glenmore Avenue New Jersey Avenue
Pennsylvania Avenue


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St Pauls's Evangelist Lutheral Church 1853

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Was this a church or a movie house? 
Ralph Ave. across from thew Police department and Bank area

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St. Nicholas Lutheran Church -  Powers and Olive Sts

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Hallellujah - the end of Morgan Avenue

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Green Pointís first organized church was the First Methodist Episcopal Church of Green Point. 
It was establish built in the winter of 1847-48 on Union (present day Manhattan Avenue) 
between India and Java Streets. However, it was preceded by a Sunday school that was
 organized by and met in the home of Clark Tiebout located on Franklin Street. Mr. William
Vernon was the superintendent. The first Catholic parish, St. Anthony of Padua was established
in 1856. The Rev. John Brady was its first pastor.  

Old Synagogues; some alive, some lost forever

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South 1st Street

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Off Manhattan Avenue

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Out there in the wayout

synagogue_lewis_ave.jpg (54473 bytes) synagogue_lewis_ave_ffull.jpg (65553 bytes)
Lewis Avenue, the oldest Synagogue in Brooklyn

synagogue_up.jpg (64660 bytes)

Park Place and Kingston Avenue

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Sutter Avenue

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Near Ralph Avenue
sysnagogue_van_siclen.jpg (64616 bytes)
Near Sutter Avenue
sysnagogue_sutter_ashfordl.jpg (66212 bytes)
Sutter Avenue

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Pennsylvania Ave

hebrew_ladies.jpg (60948 bytes) hebrew_ladies2.jpg (68227 bytes)
Near Sutter Avenue

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New Lots Avenue

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