post_office_met2.jpg (67364 bytes) post_office_met.jpg (66888 bytes)

post_office_broadway.jpg (61840 bytes)
Near Broadway. Night and I couldn't tell whether this was still active or not.

Near Wykoff Avenue, an old post office now a sweat shop


Old Banks in Brooklyn include
Williamsburg Savings Bank (1870-1875): 175 Broadway (additions: 1906 & 1925) 
Williamsburg Savings Bank (1927-1929):
1 Hanson Place (now Republic Savings Bank)
Kings County Savings Bank (now The American Savings Bank)
at 135 Broadway, built in 1868. Think you could get personal loans from these banks today?

bank_washington_door.jpg (53789 bytes) bank_washington.jpg (55229 bytes)
Greenpoint Savings Bank on Washington Avenue.
It was there first, from the looks of all the apartment 
buildings surrounding it. Definitely a snug fit.

bank_park_slope.jpg (51024 bytes)
Park Slope, now a Gymnasium

bank_flatbush_ave_door.jpg (52583 bytes) bank_flatbush_ave.jpg (43762 bytes) bank_flatbush_stabilitas.jpg (8748 bytes)
Flatbush Avenue, now a church. 

provident_loan2.jpg (59530 bytes) provident_loan.jpg (40367 bytes)
The Provident Loan Association, now a shoe store.

peoples_court_penn_liberty.jpg (52955 bytes) peoples_court_penn_close.jpg (65760 bytes) peoples_court_penn_cornerst.jpg (63929 bytes)
Magistrates Court - Pennsylvania and Liberty Avenue

fat_albert.jpg (61382 bytes)
What was this one? Fat Albert's on Flushing Avenue and Broadway

bank_quincy.jpg (67428 bytes)
Quincy Street near Broadway

bank_pitkin.jpg (56379 bytes) popular.jpg (29855 bytes) popular3.jpg (43947 bytes)
Thomas Boyland and Pitkin Avenue

bank_utica2.jpg (63769 bytes) bank_utica.jpg (64775 bytes) bank_cornerstone_utica.jpg (15665 bytes)
Utica Avenue

  bank_state_bank.jpg (55019 bytes) bank_state_bank2.jpg (48703 bytes)
The State Bank

bank_lincoln_front_door.jpg (81985 bytes) bank_lincoln_front.jpg (71089 bytes) bank_lincoln_side_bway.jpg (81774 bytes)

bank_lincoln_side_door.jpg (80071 bytes) bank_lincoln_top.jpg (63188 bytes)
Lincoln Savings Bank on Broadway  - 1866

bank_penn_flatlands.jpg (39040 bytes)
Pennsylvania Avenue and Flatlands Avenue

bank_poultry_live.jpg (78610 bytes)
Bank? Myrtle Avenue

bank_prayerpalace_greene_st.jpg (47180 bytes)

Greene Street and Broadway, now a church

bank_temple_christ_bway.jpg (52382 bytes) bank_karate_bway_vernon_st.jpg (64850 bytes)  
bank_rosylyn_myrtle.jpg (67386 bytes) bank_unknown_off_bway.jpg (65208 bytes)
Broadway Banks

bank_fulton_26ward_full.jpg (57386 bytes) bank_fulton_26ward.jpg (81831 bytes) bank_fulton_26ward_side.jpg (60282 bytes)
Fulton Street - 26th Ward Bank

bank_unknown_penn_liberty.jpg (44386 bytes)
Pennsylvania Avenue

bank_graham_ave_grand_st.jpg (56047 bytes)
Graham Avenue and Grand Street

dept_of_sewers_flat.jpg (35048 bytes) dept_of_sewers_sign.jpg (30514 bytes)
Department of Sewers - Flatlands Avenue

public_bath_bedford_met.jpg (74423 bytes) public_bath_sign.jpg (62983 bytes)
Public Bath on Bedford Avenue and Metropolitan Avenue

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