Noise and Sound are the same thing

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Last update - Wednesday, May 23, 2001 12:46:19 AM

Noise is good


MUSHIE.gif (11872 bytes)Infected Mushroom - Great Goa duoMUSHIE.gif (11872 bytes)


Can - Tago Mago of course
Edgar Varese - he's cool
New Harry Partch!!!!
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Aphex Twin
George Crumb
David Tudor - Rain Forest
Tod Machover
Harry Partch - everything, especially The Bewitched
Easley Blackwood
Mike Auldrige (Dobro)
Alois Haba - Phat Microtonal Composer

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AUBE - Substructural Penetration 1991-1995 - 
YES!! A little bit from all the best releases -
This is second runnerup for best CD of the yea


Noise is good

Did I say Gong rules?

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Flying Teapot
Angel's Egg

Now go to the store and buy all three
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HOLY SHIT! - Check the official Gong web page


Noise is good


They Rule


Also on the playstack - 
Lenny White and WKCR - new reinforced records comp

6 months ago I was listening to ....
Harry Partch, Roni Size, Kill Your Idols, Aube, Hypnos comp., Source Direct


Noise is good

Mystery School Volume 5 - MSP-0003-2 on Mindspore Records


Noise is good


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Here's a list of some new
Records that you should put on your shopping list.

Satie - The Early Piano Works - Phillips 289 462 161-2
George Crumb - Makrokosmos 1+2 MGBCD6091
Monkey's Journey/Land Of Baboon v2 The Return of the Illclectic - BKA0005
Lou Harrison/Carl Ruggles CRI American Masters CD 715
Pioneers of Electronic Music - CRI American Masters


Noise is good

 Check out the Disassociate home page if you haven't already -
we make some cool noises when we strum our instruments

Noise is good

S.E.T.I. - Knowledge
Ash 2.2 - Soleilmoon Recordings
So good when you want to chill but still trip out. Play this for heads
and they won't forget you. Nice and soft but intense. I mean it.


Noise is good

WKCR FM radioThe best experimental radio station on the dial in the NY NJ area. More data soon 

Noise is good

The Dreammachine - Dream 001Z - A Psychedelic Journey Through Goa Acid Trance -
150 minutes of throbbing trips - Juno Reactor, Space Tribe, Union Jack and more -

Noise is good


Noise is good

Ax - Astronomy - Freek Records - FRR027 Now I was immediately attracted to this CD by it's stark silver and black design, and also the fact that it said "Play at high volume" on the back. Any CD that says this must be good. And yes, indeed it was.  It creeps and builds throughout. Song titles are Electron Death, X.T.O.L., Molten Beast, Kortex, Silicon Valley. I never heard of theese guys, but more research will have to be done into Ax. Freek Records P.O. Box 3585 London NW3 3RH UK