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I fanally got the motherboard to recognize the CD Rom drive again! 
We got 1.2 gigs of HDD space and I filled it with Linux

We gotta get on the


At G2, connected to the network but not online with the cover off 

I need to install my 1 gig drive but can't get the box
 to recognize the CD Rom

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View from Dungeoncam of Mechalinux at G1

Well,can't use the 6 gig - disk read error -
so we put in a 274 mb drive
and have Litestep running bare now - ITS IN!
more later

Bates contributed a 6 gig HD so we're hookin' it up
more when we're done
( the monitor to the Linux box
is at the lower right in the photo)

I Need a bigger hard drive. I have Redhat 6 on a x386
box, but I could only do a minimal install because the
drive was 300mb. More info soon.

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