Disassociate gig journal - every show from 1992 - present..almost

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1993 - 2001

Sunday October 3 1993 - Eyehategod, Buzzov-en, Hell No, 13
Saturday February 18 1995 Crisis, Starkweather, Lament, Dare to Defy
Sunday, December 3 1995 - Broken, Toxic Narcotic, Choking Victim, Disassociate, Public Nuisance
Tuesday, August 30 1994 - Altercate the Senses, 13, Disassociate, Darkside N.Y.C., Grief
Sunday, September 11 1994 - Brutal Truth, 13, Power of Idea, Disassociate, Aus Rotten, Final Warning, Dirt, Drop Dead
Sunday March 26 1995 - Downlow, Internal Bleeding, Grief, 13, Candiria, All Out War, 
Sunday August 1 - Disrupt, 13, Angelrot, Hell No, Final Warning, Brutal Truth
Saturday June 3 1995 Crisis Grey, Home 33, Candiria, Withstand, Cfb4, Downlow
Tuesday May 3 with Distraught, Cattlepress, Subzero, Darkside N.Y.C.

Fleas and Lice

July 30 1994 Crisis, Starkweather 

Abc-No-Rio N.Y.C. 

October 31 1992 with 2000DS, The Denied, Sasquatch
Friday Jan 22 1993 with Summers Eve, Crawlpappy Public Nuisance, The Denied
Friday July 30 with Disease, Process, Final Warning, Colossus
Sat August 21 1993  with 2.5 Children
Saturday April 29 with Devoid Of Faith, Black Velvet Flag, Delta 72, Slick 50
Friday March 25 with Drop Dead Social Outcast Civil Disobedience, Asstroland, Drop Dead, Distraught, 2000 DS, The Denied
Wednesday Nov 3 6pm with Final Warning, Drop Dead, No Commercial Value, Ex-Teenage Rebels - Free Show
Saturday February 19 Final Warning, Tapeworm, Distraught
Friday January 21 with 13, Altercate the Senses, Grief, Public Nuisance

Sportland Middletown, N.Y.
Fri April 7 - All Out War, Starkweather, Crisis
Sunday August 14 - with Darkside N.Y.C., Lost in the System, Mad Hostile

Rock Palace Staten Island, N.Y.
Oct 22nd with Brutal Truth (Scott Lewis' last gig) - Mutt and Altercate The Senses

The Bank - N.Y.C.
Tues Nov 23 - with Shove
Tues Dec 14 - Guilty Hand, Jupiter Hellfire
with the Down Low

Bohemia - N.Y.
Sun Aug 22 1994 with Final Warning, Fugue and Science Diet

The Continental - N.Y.C.
Tues Nov 2 with 13
Fri Aug 20 1993 Boss Fuel/Yuppicide
Oct 21 - All Out War Crisis, Starkweather
with Joe and Angelrot

Tompkins Square Park - N.Y.C.
Saturday October 23 - with Sweet Lizard Illtet, 13, C.O.D., The Derelicts, x Missing Foundation/Black Rain
May 30 with 13, S.S.L., Screaming Venus

Pozo Lounge (pre - Coney Island High) Dec Tom's last gig

Coney Island High N.Y.C.
Fri June 30 with Mad Parade, Profound Effect, Ratchethead, Spitfire America
? with Madball. V.O.D., Earth Crisis, Downlow, Crown of Thornz with Merauder

Limelight N.Y.C.
with Crisis and Candiria. The headliner was Malevolent Creation, but they cancelled.

Under Acme N.Y.C.
Thursday Jan 13, 1994 with Ginmill, Thwig

The Cooler N.Y.C.
July 30, 1994 with Starkweather, Crisis

The Front Brooklyn, N.Y.
Sat November 20 - The Denied, Altercate the Senses, 25 ta Life, Blindside, Malignancy, Deathrune

The Pyramid N.Y.C.
Tuesday July 5th - Sere, Final Warning, Hellvis
Wednesday March 9 Sere
Sept 16 The Spitters, Thrust, Thorn

Downtime N.Y.C.
Sept 16, 1994 with Darkside N.Y.C. and Candiria

The Tune Inn Ct.
Fleas and Lice

Wetlands N.Y.C.
Sunday matinee July 10 with Chaos U.K. Public Nuisance, Maggot , New Republic,
Again with Tom -who did we play with??
and in 2001 with God Below

Studio One N.J.
Oct 30, 1994 with no one! This one was supposed to be  25 Ta Life/SSL/Disassociate but someone fucked it all up - and it was foul weather too

Brownies N.Y.C.
Public Nuisance, Altercate the Senses, Maggot, Distraught

Street Level N.Y.C. with ?

AS220 Ct. (over Club Babyhead)
Friday Dec 18, 1992 - with Furnace, 13, Understooge, Buzzoven and Disrupt

C Squat N.Y.C.
July 4, 1993 Destroy, Naked Agression, The Casualties - Bones and Tom first show

WNYU Radio N.Y.C.
1993 with Lawrence maybe twice?
1994 with Tom - Johnny Stiff radio
5/18/95 the Commercial tape with Alex
1995 Alex
1997 Joe
1997 Haroldo

August 27 Sat The Causeway - Boston - Anal Cunt, Nightstick, Out Cold (Bedpan)

The first Disassociate Tour - 1994

Finlay Ohio with Rekt
Sept 4 sat at the Red Shed (The Barn) Caro, Michigan with Civil Disobedience, Barbed Wire Playpen, Rekt
September 5 Mon No Palace Chicago with Apostles on Strike and Oblivion
September 8 Emma Center Minneapolis Wed with Destroy Drop Dead
September 9 Punk Wedding in the woods Minnesota
September 12 Sun Milwaukee Wisconsin with Damitol, Animal Farm - Basement show
September 15 Cleveland Ohio Gallery Cafe with Grain, Ball Peen Gidget


April 14 - The Wetlands - NYC - Wednesday  8PM with Cathedral and Candiria
May 18 - The Cooler - NYC - Saturday  9PM with The Spitters and Ultra Vulva
June 9 - CBGB - NYC - Sunday  8 PM  with Brutal Truth, Man is the Bastard, Cattlepress, Discordance Axis, Nightstick , and Black Army Jacket
June 10 - Providence, Rhode  Island - Monday 9PM with Man is the Bastard, Drop Dead and Grief
July 15 - The Wetlands - NYC - Sunday  3PM with Napalm Death, At The Gates, Both Worlds and Overcast
July 21- CBGB - NYC - Sunday  8PM with The Dread (Ca.), Dystopia (Ca.), CattlePress and Fierce
July 26 - CBGB - NYC - Friday 8PM with Crisis, Candiria and Withstand
U.S. Tour - August
Japan Tour - September
December 28 - The Crypt - NYC L.E.S. - Saturday 8:30PM 1st Nerverak show w/Candiria, Cattlepress

March 9 - CBGB - NYC - Sunday Matinee 3PM with The Gaia, Discordance Axis, Distraught
March 15 - CBGB - NYC - Saturday 8PM with Crisis, Candiria and Sam Black Church
March 16 - The Wetlands - NYC - Sunday 3PM with Breakdown, 25 ta Life, Subzero
April 4 - Chatham NJ - Friday with Humungous, Automaton and SoIhadtoshoothim
April 7 - CBGB - NYC - Tuesday 7PM with The Varukers (UK), The Casualties, and Devastation
April 10 The Continental - NYC - Thursday 10 PM with The Spitters and Angelrot
April 13 - Coney Island High - NYC - Sunday 4PM Benefit for Children At Risk with Merauder, Lady Luck, and more
April 24 - live on WNYU 89.1 Radio - Thursday 10PM
April 25 - Stalag 13 - Philadelphia - Friday 7PM with Distraught
April 31 - live on WFMU Radio - Wednesday 10PM
May 1 - Tompkins Square Park - NYC LES - Thursday - May Day with Distraught, Breakdown and Colin Strange?
Smoked pot and forgot about the summer...
August? - WNYU FM Radio (Haroldo)
August - Stalag 13  and Drop Dead and Diskonto (Haroldo)
September Tour of the U.S. with Corrupted and Hellchild (Haroldo)
The last show with Haroldo was at The Brighton Bar in N.J. :)


April 15 Coney Island High -NYC - Tuesday 8PM - with Bloodlet, ADayInTheLife,
Shai Hulud
April 26 Brownies - NYC - Sunday 8PM - with Sam Black Church, Home 33 and Treble
May 3, 1998 - Coney Island High - NYC - 8PM Record Release Party!
Disassociate (1:30 a.m.), Cold As Life, Dogz of War, Cattlepress, Demonspeed,
Tru Mystic Sound System, Cattlepress and Asstroland
May 6, 1998 - Stalag 13 - Philadelphia, Pa Disassociate, Unhinged, Devoid Of Faith and Medication Time
May 23, 1998 - The Proving Ground - Dayton, Ohio - Disassociate, Amputation, John Bender, 23rd Chapter
May 24, 1998 - VFW Hall - Detroit, Michigan  - Disassociate, Cold as Life, Death Threat, Dysphobia, Without Warning
June 7, 1998 - Wooster, Mass. at the Space - Disassociate, Distraught, The Unseen, Class Action, HDS and Afflicted
June 20, 1998 - Vermont - with uhhh..fwefwwefwefw ..bong hit.....mm

U.S. tour 1998

Japan tour 1998

Then one other gig I forgot - next update soon

Sunday December 6 - Coney Island High - NYC - Disassociate, Damad (Ga.), Black Army Jacket, All Out War, The Last Day
Saturday December 19 - Castle Heights - Queens, NYC - Disassociate, Inhuman, Kill Your Idols and more
Sunday Matinee December 20 - CBGB - NYC - Disassociate, Distraught, The Dregs, Spider Cunts, Boiling Man
Monday December 28 - Coney Island High upstairs - Disassociate and others
Friday January 22 - Stalag 13 - Philadelphia - Disassociate, Lilac etc. (Damnation A.D. and Devoid of Faith cancelled)

Jan 22 - Albany
Jan 23 - Stalag 13 in Philadelphia
Jan 24 - Washington D.C.
All 3 gigs with Devoid Of Faith and Strong Intention

09 17 DV8 1189 Rt. 9 Wappingers Falls, NY Supporting: Crisis
09 18 Valentines 32 New Scotland Ave. Albany, NY Suporting: Crisis


Sun. May 7th, Disassociate and Kill Van Kull in Westhampton, Ma.
Wed. May 10th, Disassociate,Groinchurn(S. Africa) and Total Fucking Destruction in Philly, Penn.
Thurs. May 11th, Disassociate, Groinchurn and Total Fucking Destruction at 9th ave. and 40th st. NYC
Sun. May 14th, Disassociate and MDC at Nightingales,  2nd ave &12th st. NYC
Sun. May 28th, Disassociate and the Krays at Nightingales, NYC
Sat. June 3rd,the Triple Record Release Extravaganza at cbgb's in NYC with Disassociate, Dillinger Escape Plan, Discordance Axis, Cattlepress, Pig Destroyer, Proof of Purchase, Full Speed Ahead Distraught 
July 7th and 8th, the Loud Az Fuk Fest at cbgb's.


cbgb 50 times





mar 2005 cbgb with some skinheads
may 7 abc no rio with crusties
Friday June 3 The Hook 18 Commerce Street Red Hook Brooklyn, NY 8 pm $10 - Eyehategod, Buried Inside, Byzantine, Disassociate, Wetnurse
Friday June 10 The Rockstar Bar - Sth 5th Street Williamsburg Brooklyn NY 7pm $8 - Disassociate and friends tba
Saturday June 11 The Lucky Cat - Grand Street Williamsburg Brooklyn NY - 8pm $8 - Disassociate, Everyday Dollars, Cause for Alarm, Rejuvenate
Thursday June 16 North 6th downstairs 7pm $8 - Iron Lung, Disassociate, Ohuzaru
Saturday July 2 - The Hook - 18 Commerce Street Red Hook Brooklyn, NY 8 pm $10 - Disassociate, Hirax and more TBA
Sunday July 31 CBGB 15 Bowery NYC 7pm $10 - Disassociate and friends